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We offer an easy-to-implement, fast and simple Service Bot for hotels.


We build, maintain and update our bots to provide your guests an easy way to find exactly what they need without having to navigate through dozens of pages – driving direct bookings and additional sales.


Want even more direct bookings?

Select conversations – matters that require a human to solve – can be forwarded to a Guest Care Specialist at Hotelway. This greatly increases your direct bookings and service level.

And we answer within 45 seconds.




Provide superior Guest Care and find valuable insights on improvement.

Offer your guests a possibility to chat immediately after arriving on your website.
Monthly reporting on conversations, traffic etc.
Less dependence on OTA-channels, less commissions.
Super-fast ROI of less than six months.


Our staff consists of professionally trained agents with deep knowledge and experience in hospitality and customer service.

We know the uniqueness of the hotel business.

We do our best to make sure the guests feel like they are chatting with your hotel staff, not with ‘another call center’.


Guests no longer want to surf on your web pages and look for answers themselves. They want to be able to ask questions and get instant replies.

We can deliver that.

We are getting better every day at handling specific hotels’ needs. Every chat with a guest gives us more insight on what YOUR guests need.

Focus on your offline business by letting us handle your Guest Care online.


We drive guests to book their room directly from your booking engine. You may even give special promo codes to reward them.

Statistics show that direct bookings can be increased by up to 36% with a professional chat service. In addition to increased bookings, using Hotelway allows you to sell more.

Our pre-designed bot conversation structures encourage additional purchases, such as room upgrades.


With Hotelway Guest Care you won’t have to bother your staff with answering general questions all day.

The most common inquiries occur many times per day, and while tedious for your staff, they are very important to your guests.

With us and our bot doing this for you, your staff is free to focus on more valuable tasks to bring satisfaction to your guests.


We will provide you with monthly reports regarding your website traffic including engagement rates, bookings and more.

Additionally, we will analyze all conversations that occurred; what were the most common topics and questions, possible issues in your service that need improving and so on.

Hotelway improves your offline business as well.

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