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Try Hotelway Service Bot

We build, manage and maintain service bots built specifically to hotel’s needs. This means that in addition to developing your bot, we also teach and update it with seasonal information, special offers and more.

Our service bot is designed to chat with your guests in a predesigned pattern, providing fast replies to the most common questions guests have. The service bot is a closed loop, meaning that it does not forward conversations to humans.

Increased guest satisfaction and bookings

When all information is readily available through an easy-to-use chat window with little to no website navigation required, potential guests are more likely to book directly through your website.

Using Hotelway means more bookings, less dependence on OTA-channels and smaller strain on your staff. 

Improve your reach even further with Guest Care

We also offer the possibility integrate our Guest Care Specialists (humans!) to our service bots. If you feel that your hotel’s service bot needs to also offer human interaction for specific interactions (questions that humans are better at answering, reservation consultation, complaints and such), we can make it happen.

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