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What is Hotelway?


Hotelway is a professionally managed chat service between guests and hotels. We use a combination of AI-based chatbot and professionally trained Guest Care Specialists to ensure high-quality and sales-oriented service.

What does our service do?

We offer a professionally managed chat service specifically built for hotels. We want to make sure that any customer – a potential one looking to reserve or a guest staying at a hotel – gets exactly what they need.

Our mission is simply to make the guest journey easy. Communication with hotels should be as easy as contacting them through their website and getting an answer in less than 45 seconds. A large portion of these questions are very common and can easily be answered by our bot, Sam. The rest of them are handled by our professional Guest Care Specialists. Guests need to feel as if they are talking with hotel staff – not ‘another call center’.

We also offer other related services, including online room service and check-in.

How will hoteliers benefit?

Hotels have to be able to consistently respond to all of their guests’ needs. However, they rarely have the time to do that. With us taking care of hotels’ guest care online, they are free to focus on more valuable tasks.

OTA-channels have been eating away at hotels profits for some time now. We aim to increase direct bookings with our sales-oriented chat service. Less commissions, more profit. ROI on this service is less than six months through increased bookings.

Why will guests adopt our service?

According to surveys, travelers are not interested in downloading and using mobile applications – especially single-brand apps – to manage their hotel stays. The most popular channel for communication is consistently an online chat, and hotels should offer just that.

Over everything else, travelers today want ease of use and fast answers to their questions. The best way to communicate with a hotel should not require downloading an application.

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