Hotelway Watson |

A new hotel chatbot with powerful AI

Built on IBM’s Watson Assistant platform, our work-in-progress chatbot delivers almost human-like conversations with natural language processing. Guests want human interaction with hotels, but instantly. This brings us closer to that.

Not just a bot with pre-designed conversation patterns, this time it picks up on contextual cues and is much more likely to instantly know what a guest is talking about. However – as is Hotelway fashion – the conversation is still directed to a Guest Care Specialist or hotel staff if needed.

At the moment this demo only understands a single conversation: “How do I get to the hotel?”

Our imaginary hotel for the purposes of this demo is located in London, near Hyde Park.

The bot’s answers depend on your situation: are you arriving at an airport or train station and when you are arriving.

Try it. Imagine you are arriving at one of the following locations and need directions to the hotel:

-Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted Airport

-Paddington or Victoria Station

Click the chat icon in the lower right corner to start chatting!

This demo is available in English only.

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